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Community Health Center of Fort Dodge is a federally qualified health center with locations in Fort Dodge, Mason City, Dayton, Eagle Grove and Clarion, Iowa. We provide medical, dental and behavioral health services across our four locations. We apply clinical decision supports following evidence based guidelines.

Our rich history is marked by the following highlights:

  • A group of local churches, physicians, agencies, and businesses identified the need for medical and dental assistance in Fort Dodge.
  • In 2005 federal funds were received
  • 2006 Fort Dodge began operating as a federally qualified health center
  • 2014 we began providing medical services in Dayton
  • 2018 we opened our Mason City location offering medical, dental and behavioral health services
  • 2023 we opened our Eagle Grove location offering medical and dental services and in November 2023 we added behavioral health services.
  • 2024 in August our Clarion location opened
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What is a Community Health Center?

  • Local nonprofit community owned healthcare providers serving medically underserved communities often rural areas.
  • Local in areas where care is needed but scarce.
  • Provide access to care regardless of insurance state are ability.
  • Integrated care model where patients can access comprehensive medical dental behavioral health and pharmacy services often under one roof.


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To provide personalized, quality, medical, dental, and behavioral health services to all.


We accept people as they are and help them to live the life they want to live.

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values as Board of Directors and Staff

  • We treat all individuals with compassion and dignity
  • We respect patients’ rights and privacy
  • We demonstrate financial responsibility
  • We display professionalism at all times
  • We collaborate with others
  • We pursue personal and professional growth
  • We embrace change for the betterment of the organization
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What is a Federal Qualified health center:

Partnership and Investment in the Community

CHC’s are developed for and by local communities. This model enables Iowa communities to develop long-range solutions to local health needs.​

Affordable and Accessible ​
Patients who are not covered by health coverage can qualify for a discounted fee (sliding fee) based on income and household size. ​

Cost-effective and Quality Care
Studies show that CHC’s provide care to the uninsured at ten times less than the average per capita spending on personal health care. Health Centers save Medicaid program roughly 30% in annual spending per Medicaid patient. A recent study by the George Washington University School of Public Health shows that the quality of care at health centers is as good as other primary care providers.

Patient Directed
Care managed in partnership with patients. Every health center is governed by a community board with consumers. Patients have a say in how their healthcare is delivered through their patient representative on the center’s governing board. ​

Health Centers work hard to ensure patients have easy access to comprehensive primary and preventive health services. Health centers offer a wide range of vital health services on-site and through referrals. They understand the language and cultural barriers, homelessness, poverty, and the environment can impact a patient’s health. To counter these problems and provide patient-centered care, health centers develop local strategies and appropriate interventions to address these barriers.

*This health center receives HHS funding and has Federal Public Health Service (PHS) deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, for itself and its covered individuals. *


Kittie Webster

Board Chair

Dale Harlow

Vice Chair

Shawn Roberts

Board Secretary

David Bowser

Board Treasurer

Tim Anderson

Board Member

Kenn Drummond

Board Member

Jon Flattery

Board Member

Branden Hansel

Board Member

Becky Schulte

Board Chair

Kati Swanson

Board Member